Traceur.RU — Parkour Workshop from Pavel Petkuns

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*SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT* December 11 marked another interesting mini-event in the Russian parkour community. At this time, Rostov-on-Don accepted, settled and listened to one of the most creative athletes — Pavel Petkun from Latvia. It is worth noting that the Pasha was the winner of Red Bull Art of Motion, which was held in the Greek Santorini. And no wonder: this is a creative movement and cool tricks can repeat and develop in himself not everyone. SouthParkour community SouthParkour, as traceur Alexander Zyulev, prepared quite professional video report of this event. Traceur.RU — Russian Parkour Magazine — 11 декабря ознаменовалось еще одним интересным мини-событием в работе российского паркур-сообщества. На этот раз, Ростов-на-

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