Rendezvous 2012 ¦ Official Parkour / Freerunning Gathering ¦ Parkour Generations

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For the 7th year running Rendezvous was the world’s largest parkour / freerunning gathering. The annual event, held every summer in London, UK, is a structured training event spread over 2-3 days with many of the discipline’s founders and principal developers leading the training. This year saw over 300 participants from 38 different countries taking part, leaving a lot of very sore bodies and very happy faces. Massive thanks to everyone who made it possible and to this amazing community that brings such amazing spirit to every one of our events! Parkour Generations is the world’s first and leading coaching body for the discipline, and is based in the UK, USA and South-East Asia. Parkour Generations is co-creator along with the French founders of the discipline, the Yamakasi, of the official global ADAPT coaching qualification programme and the Parkour Fitness Specialist Certification. Follow us on twitter: Add us on Facebook: Visit our Website: A film by Joe Burrows. «parkour tips» «parkour tutorial» «freerunning tutorial» parkour freerunning «free running» freerun «parkour classes» «parkour generations» «parkour academy» «freerunning academy» yamakasi «learn parkour» «Parkour (Sport)» «adapt parkour» «adapt coaching»


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