Parkour Tips #11 | Climb-ups — Accelerating into the Climb-up | Parkour Generations

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The Parkour Tips video series provides insights, hints and tips on how to improve every element of your parkour / freerunning training. The Tips come from expert coaches at Parkour Generations and guests from around the world. Parkour Generations is the world’s first and leading coaching body for the discipline, and is co-creator along with the founders of the discipline, the Yamakasi, of the official global ADAPT coaching qualification programme. Follow us on twitter: Add us on Facebook: Visit our Website: «parkour tips» «parkour tutorial» «freerunning tutorial» parkour freerunning «free running» freerun «parkour classes» «parkour generations» «parkour academy» «freerunning academy» yamakasi «learn parkour» «Parkour (Sport)» «adapt parkour» «adapt coaching»

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