Parkour is our life

| Опубликовал | 1 Ноя, 2012 | Категория: |

This our latest video that took a long time….. about 3 months.. anyway. this is October 31 so happy Holloween! we hope you all have a great day and we hop you enjoy our music overlap and our parkour skills. **we are still training..** if you need to ask. go ahead Tags: «YouTube editor» parkour freerun freerunning free run nspk NSPK Running Our Life Tricks Extreme Training Future Second Team «Tricks (film)» «Running (film)» Time Jump Past Urban Real Flip Lives «Flip (acrobatic)» Belle Arnold Gym Wall Back Street Twist 3run Stunt «Twist (magazine)» Ninja Kicks Double Gymnastics Chase Cork Vault David Aerial Jumps Flow Jumping Runners Movement Present Spin Ward Dash Vision New Front Own «Our New» Journey Trampoline


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