Mihail ‘hidr0’ Kirilov — Improvise, adapt and overcome.

| Опубликовал | 12 Авг, 2012 | Категория: |

For 6 months I have to Improvise, adapt and overcome to do my passion. I’m like ‘heavy’ injured, my ankles are hurting me very bad, and doctors say that the condition is very bad. How ever I’ll never give up on freerunning it is my life I believe that I’ll be back to freerunning in no time.This video is only from the past 6 months of my injury, you can see my ankle (I have a blue thing, thingey ..) I love each and every single athlete in Freerun Bulgaria, thank you guys, and gals for the best moments of my life, hope to have many more together. Improvise, adapt and overcome. Quoting Delyan Dido Dimitrov 🙂 I do not own the music of this video!


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