Anonymous Freerun & Kung Fu Training Game :)

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Video 1: This game helps us improve our blocking. This may look stupid or not like anything serious, but: We arent hititng as hard and fast as possible. And just on the Body not the Head. If you think we both are newbs coz we dont hit eachother too well, its because we are basicly on the same level, and also best friends, we try to not hurt eachother 🙂 Thats also why Feet are not allowed in this game. This game helps alot to improve reaction time and overall speed of attacking. Also strenghtening your hands. After that training session, our hands were bleeding. just fyi we aint doin a «show» here. Its acctual training. This is also a custom kung fu style developed by Dominik Litschauer & Simon Sitter. Focus on efficiency, speed and blocking…

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